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Your Learning, Your Choice, Your Time

learnPro NHS offers learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace from statutory and mandatory related modules to CPD for Nursing Staff.


How learnPro Works

The NHS elearning Direct powered by learnPro NHS elearning platform package is an online resource giving learners access to all key elearning modules from statutory and mandatory to CPD related modules and cross mapped to the Knowledge and Skills Frameworks (KSF) dimensions and its ideal for those in the NHS that want to learn more or for those in related sectors like Social Care or Charity organisations.


Purchasing elearning modules is simple, with various routes to suit an individual, small or large company.

Create a Course

The modules can be combined to create your own course and each module has an extensive bank of assessments to test your knowledge and understanding validated by experts in the NHS. Organisations can also buy modules for any number of employees and package them into courses and manage those learners and report on them.


If you already have a NHS learnPro account you can purchase more modules for your own CPD. If you are new to NHS learnPro you can buy module access now and build up your own portfolio of assessment evidence and if you are a small organisation wanting to purchase these modules for a group of staff and manage them this NHS learnPro gives you a simple method of doing this right now.


Each elearning module consists of learning sections with assessment progress tests within the module and a final measured assessment at the end of the module. You can move about your module as required, leave it and come back to where it was bookmarked and then you can choose to do the assessment in your own timescale. There are practice questions and simple interactive sequences to get key concepts over to you prior to doing the assessment.


Each training module has a final, certificated, exam. The exams are multiple choice, are not time restricted but can only be taken many times if required and line managers can get notified if you have trouble with the assessment after the third attempt. Results are available instantly. If you prefer more control over the training, you can choose to block the exam, ensuring the staff member sits it at a time and place to suit you.

Modules are set a frequency which means assessment will expire and you as managers or learners can be notified as to when this assessment will elapse.


The modules come complete with a free management and reporting system, which allows you to manage all training activity, track progess and view results of your staff or as an individual. The management suite for organisational management of a number of staff is more sophisticated than for a single learner.

The module manager provides each individual with an overview of their training progress and results, including any due dates, commencement dates or order of completion as specified by their manager.


View our learnPro Case study to see what NHS elearning Direct powered by NHS learnPro can help you or your business achieve.

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