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Your Learning, Your Choice, Your Time

learnPro NHS offers learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace from statutory and mandatory related modules to CPD for Nursing Staff.



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  • Personalised account to access elearning
  • Personalised certificate of achievement in knowledge and understanding
  • Online support
    • Elearning aligned to KSF dimension
    • Learn at your own pace
    • Continualy history and evidence of learning
    • Add elearning as required
    • Secure online payment
    • Update your own profile and details
    • Password reset function
    • Notified of new material available

Small Organisations

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  • Design for smaller organisations with less staff than NHS
  • Bulk purchase of elearning material – discounted
  • Assign learning to users
  • Revalidation
    • Set frequency and expiry for compliant material
    • Notify users of expiry period
    • Automate grace period messages
  • Search Function for Staff
    • Users
    • Modules
    • Passess
    • Review individuals progress
  • Reporting
    • Attempts
    • Assessment results
    • Module groups
  • Support
    • Users
    • Administrators

Large Organisations

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  • Bulk purchase of elearning material – discounted
  • Multiple access levels – users, line manager, and admin accounts
  • Set up
    • Aligned to organisational structure
    •  Location and role
    • Set message system to communicate with learners
    • Ability to add new locations an roles
    • Automatically assign content to locations or job roles
  • Management
    • Assign courses
    • Assign programmes of learning
    • Quick find user
    • Add clinical Competencies
    • User search on passes, with passes, competency searches
    • Revalidation search
    • Add user, line managers, my staff groups
  • Reporting
    • Attempts on modules
    • Module access
    • User enrolment
    • Users with passes on a course
    • User with passes on a module
    • User with passes on a programme
    • User registration
    • Current users
  • Authoring
    • SCORM upload
    • Create programmes of learning
    • Add learning resources
    • Create assessments
    • Share with other organisations and authors
    • Modify shared material
    • Create your own SCORM modules
  • Support online
    • Dedicated support for admin
    • User support
  • Syncronisation with HR systems
  • Bulk upload of staff or self registration
  • Course booking
    • Store and schedule training courses
    • Add delegates
    • Attendance and review
    • Training evaluation
    • Survey templates
    • Manage locations, trainers,external providers 
    • Reporting 
  • Training
    • System training for reports, set up, management, authoring

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